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VOIP / SIP Lines

SIP Trunks or VOIP lines are the most modern telephone lines available. They can provide many features that traditional analogue and digital lines cannot. These include the ability to present geographic numbers from any location. They are easily movable both between carriers and between physical locations which allow great flexibility for business continuity.

All of the telephone systems CityTalk offer can make use of SIP lines. CityTalk offer SIP trunks from a number of leading suppliers with both all-inclusive and per second billed options. Drive your business into the 21st century with CityTalk VOIP.

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What are VoIP / SIP Lines?

VoIP is an abbreviation for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ which is a form of communication. VoIP lines allow you to transmit voice data over a broadband internet connection which means you can make phone calls from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. Using VoIP lines can be much cheaper than using the traditional phone systems as you are using the internet to make calls, rather than using telephone lines. This results in lower fees when making long distance calls.

SIP lines or ‘SIP Trunks’ shares similarities with VoIP lines as they both utilise IP telephony. SIP is an abbreviation for ‘Session Initiation Protocol’ and this is the standard communications protocol for voice and video. SIP lines are commonly used for the transmission of communication through multimedia such as voice, video and messaging. 


Business Benefits of SIP Trunks

  • Unlimited DDI numbers
  • Port existing numbers – and deliver to anywhere in the UK
  • Not restricted to your geographic location, i.e. have a Birmingham number in London.
  • The ability to forward calls to other numbers in the event of a line failure – i.e. DDI numbers can be forwarded to individual mobiles
  • SIP Trunks can connect to multiple sites
  • Easily move your phone system to another location


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